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Team Jass Puerto Varas

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Jass Vehicule Stavic Ssanyong
Equipo Jass Puerto Varas
Jass Team équipe equipo
kayak Wilderness System

Our team is made up of experienced professionals

who are interested in the protection and knowledge of the enviroment, as well as motivations

in developing sustainable and educational projects for the people of the Lake District.

All the guides that work with JASS Puerto Varas have up-to-date training which meets all the requirements of the tourism industry in Chile, including First Aid course in remote areas (40 or 80 hours of training) and kayaking rescue training and assistance at sea.


Our company is registered under Sernatur norms (Chilean National Service of Tourism)

under the activities of adventure tourism 

Kayak / Canoeing  #28364 and

Trekking and Hikes #28468


 We have a Collective Accident Insurance for Adventure Tourism Companies CHUBB  (only insurance for adventure sports

in Chile) which covers participants between 8 and 65 years of age.


We take part in inclusivity projects to integrate people with reduced mobility in outdoor activities.


Jacynthe Boudreau empresa Jass Puerto Varas

Jacynthe Boudreau


Manager of JASS Puerto Varas. Franco-Canadian, Technically trained in adventure tourism in Cegep of Gaspé, Québec.

Has been guiding for 18 years in the Chilean Lake District for international and national companies in sea kayaking, cyclo-tourism and trekking. Speaks French, English and Spanish fluently.

Carlos Bottger Diseñador Industrial Chileno, socio de jass Puerto Varas

Carlos Bottger

Charlie is a Chilean industrial designer with a Master's in Business Administration with skills in Marketing. Born in Puerto Montt, he is the perfect partner to help successfully manage Chile's complicated administration systems.

In his free time you can find Charlie diving with friends the lakes, rivers and seas of Chile.

You can talk to him in Spanish, English and German

Carolina Botto

Carolina Botto

Carolina is the administrative coordinator of the company and is in charge of the logistics in most of our tours.

She will answer all your questions and clear up any concerns you may have. In her spare time you can find Carolina riding her bike along rivers or lakes. You can talk to her in Spanish, English or French

Marcela Ibieta Guia Naturalista Chile

Marcela Ibieta

Marcela is a Chilean naturalist guide with more than 18 years of experience in the South of Chile.

She has advanced knowledge in botany, geology, fauna and flora, ornithology and magnifying tourism (lichens, fungi and observation of plant covers).

 In her spare time you can find Marcela down to earth in her garden or creating new recipes for natural soaps, creams and ointments.

You can talk to her in Spanish and English.

Sergio vive en Puerto Varas y es conductor oficial

Sergio Almonacid

Sergio is Chilean and lives in Puerto Varas.

He is our official driver during the high season and on weekends during the low season.

Always attentive to the needs of the passengers and their fellow guides, he lends a hand when it should be.

He speaks Spanish... and knows how to improvise with sign language.

Alejandra Freund guía naturalista Chilena

Alejandra Freund

Ale is by far the most enthusiastic Chilean naturalist guide in Patagonia.

With more than 18 years of experience as a guide, he will provide you with a lot of information about Chilean culture, history and traditions, as well as entertaining anecdotes.

In her free time you can find Ale traveling around the world, exploring new territory with friends and family.

You can talk to her in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Alex Goroux guía para Jass Puerto Varas

Alex Giroux

Alex is a guide for Jass Puerto Varas, he helps in the office and also drives.

He is French-Canadian. He has been working in tourism for 11 years.

He has guided trips in Canada, the United States, Europe and South America. In his spare time, you can find him riding his bike or writing in his notebook in the shade of a tree.

He has a master's degree in history and speaks French, English and Spanish.

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