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Terms and Conditions


All reservations must be made in writing through our email 

through the Contact Form on our website or by phone or WhatsApp at

+56 9 6590 6458.


To confirm a reservation it is necessary to make a payment of 30% of the total trip.

This payment can be made as a deposit in our bank account in Chilean pesos, in cash at our office in Puerto Varas or through PayPal.

In case of using PayPal, the payment will be made in US dollars, with the exchange value of the day of the request. 5% transaction fee will be added to the total amount of the reservation payment.

The other 70% of the payment must be made 24 hours before the beginning of the services, in cash, or bank deposit. If you wish to use the payment method of the PayPal system, it will have to be done 7 days before the beginning of the services and a 5% PayPal transaction commission will be charged.

The services are confirmed when the payment is received and recognized by the company. No service is considered confirmed until confirmation of the reservation payment (30%) has been received.


Cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to the start date of the service in order to qualify for a refund of the reservation payment. In case of being canceled less than 14 days from the start date, we will not refund 30% of the reservation. After that date, there is no refund, but there is the possibility of making the trip on another date or transferring that reservation to another passenger without losing the deposit.

The activities will not be canceled due to the presence of rain or bad weather. However, in the event that the weather compromises safety and the activity is canceled, you will have the possibility to change the date of the activity or obtain a full refund.

Featured Values

The values presented on the website are subject to possible changes and must be confirmed at the time of making the reservation.

The values presented on the website consider the beginning and end of the activities in an accommodation within Puerto Varas. If you are staying outside of Puerto Varas, we may add an extra charge to the services.

Major cause reasons

Jass Puerto Varas is not responsible for damages or expenses resulting from reasons of force majeure (ie natural disasters, wars, epidemics, strikes, government restrictions or any other difficulty that is beyond our control). If events of this type generate extra expenses, these must be covered by the passenger.


Jass Puerto Varas has transportation and tourism insurance in accordance with current law. We recommend that passengers take out travel insurance on their own, as we are not responsible for eventualities not covered under our policies.

Our adventure tourism insurance covers participants between 18 and 65 years of age. Passengers whose age does not fit in this range must sign a special consent (in case of being a minor, the consent must be signed by the adult in charge of the minor).


Participants must be at least 8 years old to be included in the kayak outings. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Private passenger information

When making the reservation of the tour we will ask you for private information (name, date of birth, passport number and nationality). This information is confidential and Jass Puerto Varas will not share this information with anyone who is not required to receive it to make the service possible (ie insurance company, guide in charge, etc).

Jass Puerto Varas is not responsible if the information is obtained by illegal means (ie theft of the passenger manifest of the vehicle, hacking of the email account, etc.)

Children Policy

Children under 2 years of age are exempt from payment.

The presence and number of minors must be informed when requesting the reservation of the service.

All children under 14 years of age must travel with an adult responsible for them.

Knowledge of these conditions

When making the payment of the service reservation, the passenger acknowledges that he has read and accepted all the points presented in this section of Terms and Services.

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