Outdoor Eco-Center

Sustainable Philosophy and Projects in Development


JASS Puerto Varas also has an exciting 

educational project in progress!


We are currently developing a one-hectare piece of land in the outskirts of Puerto Varas to become the head office of our new Outdoor Education Center! 


This natural area, with spectacular views of the Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes, native temperate rainforests, and river/lagoon/lake access, is an ideal place to train and find the inspiration for a simplified lifestyle.


Whether in the form of educational activities, workshops, specialized training or technical courses, this cultural center will offer knowledge in various fields to the inhabitants of the area as well as to visitors.


Defining the attitude, behavior, and characteristics. Our central values are:


Dynamic education;


Security and professionalism


Dedicate ourselves to environmental learning and friendliness.


Develop environmental awareness and responsibility among visitors.


Provide Chileans with a better knowledge of nature.



Value Declaration