• Jacynthe Boudreau

Alerce Andino National Park

Howdy Adventure Friends! Today we will give you a little information about the Alerce Andino National Park.

Alerce Andino National Park was founded on November 17th 1982. It comprises 39.255 hectares of the beautiful local rainforest.

The main attraction of the park are its Alerces. This is a type of Sequoya tree, and the specimens at the park can be up to 2.500 years old. And you can see some of them by following the trails stablishes by CONAF around the park:

— Laguna Sargazo: 2,5 km, 50 minutes

— Laguna Fría: 9,5 km, 5 hours

— Laguna Chaiquenes: 5,5 km, 4 hours

— Laguna Triángulo: 9,5 km, 6 hours

— Huillifotén: 1 km, 1 hours

Visiting this lovely park is a great way to approach the local flora and fauna. Walking the trails you will get to see the wonders of our rainforest and the area, while staying active and in touch with nature.

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