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Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park

Howdy Adventure Friends! Today we'll take a look at the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park.

This park, as all other public ones in the country, is managed by CONAF. It was founded on the 17th of August, 1926 by decree from the Land and Colonization Ministry. With its 91 years, it is the oldest national park in Chile

The park has an extension of 253.780 hectares and is mainly located in the Llanquihue province, with an extra little bit on the Osorno province. It is composed of various sceneries, includen multiple types of forest, among them we can find some native species like the Canelo, Coigüe and Pitra.

The park has several trails that you can hike, and which vary in length and difficulty:

— Saltos del río Petrohué: recreational, 0,6 km, 30 minutes

— Los Enamorados: recreational, 0,9 km, 45 minutes

— Laguna Verde: recreational, 0,18 km, 20 minutes

— Cascada de Los Novios: recreational, 0,4 km, 25 minutes

— Los Pilleyos: recreational, 1,2 km, 45 minutes

— Carilemu: interpretative, 1,2 km, 45 minutes

— Paso Desolación: excursion, 10 km, 6 hours

— Rincón del Osorno: excursion, 5 km, 4 hours

— El Solitario: excursion, 6 km, 2 hours

— Laguna Margarita: excursion, 8 km, 8 hours

— Termas del Callao: excursion, 8 km, 5 hours

— Los Alerzales: excursion, 3,4 km, 4 hours

— Cayutué: excursion, 25 km, 5 hours

— Cerro Rigi: excursion, 8 km, 5 hours

— Paso Vuriloche: excursion, 40 km, 5 days (on horseback)

— Volcán Osorno: excursion, 6 km, 10 hours

This park is one of the most visited spots in the area since it includes: the Osorno volcano, the Petrohue falls and lake Todos los Santos. If you want to learn more about it you can find information on CONAF site in this link (in spanish)

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