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Paso Desolación Trail - Osorno Volcano

This is one of the most popular trails in the Puerto Varas area. It is located on the face of the Osorno Volcano, inside the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.

The Paso Desolación trail extends for 14 kilometers from Petrohue at 192 meters above sea level, to La Picada, approximately at 600 meters of altitude. The highest point of the trail is at 1096 meters above sea level. The trail can be completed in about five to six hours one way. Since it is quite an ascent starting from Petrohue, we offer the guided tour and transportation starting at the other end of the trail. This way, after the morning hike uphill (1 hour or so), you will go downhill for the rest of the day and finish on the Lake Todos Los Santos’ shore, where you can swim in those deep blue waters and high andean peaks (bring a bathing suit). Then, the driver will pick you up and can drop you at your accomodation, or any other point of interest you want to visit on the way to Puerto Varas.

The main difficulty that you can run into here is the type of terrain. After the explosion of the Calbuco volcano, a lot of ash covered this whole area. So most of the trek is done walking on ash, making it very similar to walking on a sandy beach. And if you take this trek in the winter months, and sometimes up to November, you can have snow on the higher parts of the trail. It is then recommended to wear good hiking shoes, with hiking pants to prevent ash from entering the boots. The vegetation in this trail is very low and minimal, and there is very little fauna to be found. Most of the trek is done above tree line, without shade. It is absolutely necessary to bring water (1,5 liter per person), a hat and sunscreen, even on a cloudy day. Think about extra layers, like a raincoat/softshell and a fleece. This windy corridor can be pretty cold at higher altitudes. Don’t worry, the views are spectacular and definitely worth it, but there isn't a lot of nature watching that can be done here.

As a conclusion, be careful, do not leave any waste behind you, even organic waste. Respect mother nature that runs the place and enjoy its beautiful landscape.

Let us help you plan your day, a specialized bilingual guide will provide you safety and security hints with great fauna and flora informations.

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Hope to see you soon nearby Puerto Varas!

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