• Javi Puentes

Fauna Series: Kingfisher

Howdy adventure friends! Today on our fauna series we'll talk about our local Kingfisher.

This little bird lives between the eighth region and Patagonia in Chile. To see one, the best option is to go to lagoons, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water where you can find small fish, frogs, insects, and crabs, since their diet is based on these animals.

Instead of making nests, when the time comes to reproduce, they dig a hole in the ground, near a river or body of water. It is a small cavern and they place the eggs inside. And you can distinguish the male from the female because he has an orange chest (like the one in the photo), and the top of her chest is grey, then she has a white line, and the bottom part is orange.

This little fella is currently not in danger of extinction.

Well all, that is it for the very short description of this lovely bird. If want to see one, our tour to the la Poza lagoon for half a day is the perfect chance.

See you soon!

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