Hiking & Trekking in Patagonia, Chile



Land transportation

Snacks and lunch

Bilingual guides, first aid certified

First aid kit and VHF radio

Park entrance


Hours walking per day: between 4h and 6h

Minimum of participants: 2 people


Participants need to bring good walking shoes or boots

Turismo Accesible Paso Desolacion
Volcan Osorno Paso Desolacion (3)
Trek Paso Desolacion la picada Chile
Paso Desolacion Chile
Turismo Accesible Chile paso desola
Paso desolacion Lago Todos Los Santo
Paso desolacion Volcan Osorno
Tourismo Accesible Volcan Osorno
Paso desolacion
Paso desolacion Chile
Paso desolacion volcan Osorno
Paso desolacion Lago Todos Los Santo
Paso desolacion La Picada Chile
Accessible Volcan Osorno Chile
Paso desolacion Mapa
Paso desolacion 2015 (24).JPG

1 Day


We follow the main roads going along Lake Llanquihue and reach 600 meters in elevation heading to the base of Osorno Volcano, where our hike begins. We begin with a light rise of 400m while circumventing the Volcano and head down towards Lake Todos Los Santos. During our 12 km walk, we will have spectacular sights of the Tronador and Puntiagudo volcanoes, the snow-covered summits of the Andes, and the emerald waters of the lake. The name of this path ¨Paso Desolacion¨ or “Desolation Path” refers to the low vegetation of lichens and shrubs (due mainly to altitude) that allows us to maintain a 360-degree panoramic view during most of the walk.


Level: beginner / intermediate


PRICE:   2-5 pers: $ 65.000 /pers.

    6 pers & +: $ 55.000 /pers.

Osorno Volcano - Paso Desolacion

Parque alerce andino Laguna
Trek Alerce Andino Chile
Parque alerce andino Chile
Trek Parque alerce andino
Reserva Llanquihue Bosque chileno
Alerce Andino National Park Chile
Parque alerce andino Chile
Trek Alerce Andino Chile
Alerce Andino Park Chile
Parque Alerce Andino Chile

Native Rainforest: Alerce Andino National Park

The Route of Parks of Patagonia

1 day

Drive the ¨Carretera Austral¨, the road of chilean Patagonia to reach a remote area of native rainforest conservation, 40 km south of Puerto Montt. The name of the National park, and its emblem, is the endemic Alerce tree (Fitz Roya), conifer of the family of the Sequoia, considered a National Monument and protected since 1970. It will be possible for us to observe a specimen that is more than 2000 years old.

Our final destination after a few hours of progressive rise is the ¨Laguna Triangular¨, embedded in the Coastal mountain range.

Level: beginner


PRICE: 2- 5 pers: $ 65.000 /pers.

6+ pers: $ 55.000/pers.

Erupcion Volcan Calbuco 2015
Reserva Llanquihue post erupcion
Trek Reserva Llanquihue Chile
Trek Reserva Llanquihue Chile
Trek Reserva Llanquihue Chile
Erupcion Volcan Calbuco 2015
Reserva Llanquihue Alerce Chile
Reserva Llanquihue Chile
Reserva Llanquihue Patagonia
2015 Reserva Llanquihue Chile
Cascada Reserva Llanquihue Chile

Calbuco Volcano : Llanquihue National Reserve

The Route of Parks of Patagonia

1 Day


On April 22nd, 2015, the Calbuco Volcano blew its top and the resulting explosion transformed the southern slope of the mountain. Where once stood the winding hiking trails of Llanquihue National Reserve, we now find broken tree trunks and boulders the size of trucks. We explore this stunning landscape as far as the park service allows us to enter, and then, head 5 km by van to the adjacent National Park Alerce Andino. There we enjoy a picnic and continue our journey, appreciating the unspoiled temperate rainforest as we make our way to our highlight: a 2500-year-old Alerce tree.

Hours walking: between 4h and 6h

Level: beginner.


PRICE: 2-5 pers: $ 65.000/pers.

6+ pers: $ 55.000/pers.

2017 Valle Cochamo Chile (4)
2017 Valle Cochamo Chile (8)
2017 Valle Cochamo Chile (9)
2017 Valle Cochamo Chile (2)
Trek Cochamo la junta Chile
Trekking Cochamo La Junta
2017 Valle Cochamo Chile (1)
Trekking Cochamo la Junta
Trekking Cochamo Valley Junta
2017 Valle Cochamo Chile (3)

3 Days


Explore the Cochamo Valley through El Paso Del Leon international trail.

Day 1: Transfer from Puerto Varas to Cochamó (100 km). Walk up the Valley in the native rainforest using an ancient Jesuits trail. Sleep in a rustic mountain lodge and stay stunned with the 400 meters granite walls and the pristine river of La Junta’s area. 

Day 2: Explore a trail near our refuge that will bring us to a pretty waterfall and, if the weather allows it, we shall keep walking up until the ¨Amphitheater¨, highlight of the place with  an incredible view of the surroundings.


Day 3: Walk back approximatly 6 hours, following the river towards the village, to reach the main road. There, our driver is taking us back to Puerto Varas.


Hours walking: average of 6 hours per day

Difficulty level: Medium

PRICE: 2 pers: $400.000/pers.

3-4 pers: $350.000/pers.

5 pers y +: $300.000/pers.

If you wish to stay in a refuge instead of camping consider an extra $90.000 CLP per person


Trek Cochamo Valley

Park Tagua Tagua Puelo Valley Chile
Parque Tagua Tagua Valle Puelo
Cascada Parque Tagua Tagua Puelo
Parque Tagua Tagua Valle Puelo
Park Tagua tagua Puelo Valley Chile
Parque Tagua Tagua Valle Puelo
Parque Tagua Tagua Valle Puelo Chile

3 Days

Explore a scenic glacier valley and see its native Alerce trees, beautiful waterfalls, stunning mountain lakes and incredible panorama in the Río Puelo area, on the Reloncaví Fjord, 134 kilometers south of Puerto Varas. Live the adventure on those 12.5 kilometers of uphill challenging, but very rewarding hike in two days, to reach a warm welcoming moutain refuge, and the foot of high andean peaks. Enjoy a refreshing swim in a turquoise glacier water pool where a waterfall flows, or in the lake itself after an afternoon of hike. Get the chance to see a condor, and many more birds. Enjoy the reflection of the sun and its colors on the mountain at dawn, relaxing on the refuge wooden deck. This private park is a scientific and touristic initative of conservation, well maintained by park rangers and young chilean volunteers. It respects high standards in waste disposal and construction. See our blog, our picture gallery or the park’s website for more details.

Day 1:  Transfer to reach emerald waters of Lake Tagua-Tagua. With a 20 mins motor boat ride, we will reach the entrance of the private park a gorgeous 70-meter high waterfall. A walk of 8 km will bring us to a mountains refuge where we will sleep in dorms for one night.


Day 2: Walking in the valley, crossing waterfalls and following a trail where trees become bigger and bigger (until 3000 years old specimens), we will reach the second refuge situated on the side of a glacier lagoon. We will sleep there having the refuge just for us.


Day 3: We will walk down the valley, getting back to lake Tagua-Tagua where a driver will be waiting for us to return to Puerto Varas. (200 km).


Starts either at 6 am from Puerto Varas, or at 8:30 am from Puelo.

Hours walking: average of 5 hours per day

Difficulty level: Medium


PRICE: 2 pers: $450.000/pers.

3-4 pers: $400.000/pers.

5 pers y + : $350.000/pers.


Trek Tagua Tagua Park

2015_01 (7)
Navigacion lago Rupanco
Lago todos los santos vista volcan
Termas del Callao
Mapa termas del Callao
Termas del Callao- Puntiagudo
Termas del Callao sendero

3 Days

Between 2 boat rides on awesome andean lakes, Todos los Santos and Rupanco, hike the trail going through the valley used by local settlers since they got here, many decades ago. Enjoy the beauty of Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, the first of Chile, surrounded by volcanos and snow-capped peaks of the Andesa and native forest. On the way, enjoy a rejuvenating dip in hot springs, very fresh mountain river and lake. Sleep in a moutain refuge and camp on the lakeside.


Day 1: Reach Petrohué village in the morning to start a boat navigation of an hour to cross the lake Todos Los Santos, enjoying views on Osorno volcano and the massive Mount Tronador. Admire Puntiagudo mountain views during your hike. Walk 14kms in the native forest, crossing clear rivers, to reach our mountain refuge and the rustic hot springs.


Day 2: Wake up for the Puntiagudo turning red at sunrise. Keep walking in the valley to ¨Los Quetros¨ lagoon camping. while your guide provides you informations about flora & fauna of the region. Spend a night camping waching stars warming up around a campfire.


Day 3: Enjoy the quietness of that remote area while saboring your healty breakfast. Walk 2 hours to reach Rupanco Lake where we will take a 40 minutes boat ride to get to the road acces of Puerto Gaviota where we will be picked up by our driver that will bring us back to Puerto Varas.


Hours walking: average of 5 hours per day

Difficulty level: Medium


2 pers: $430.000 CLP/pers

Between 3 & 4 pers: $370.000/pers

Between 5 & 8 pers: $330.000/pers


Trek Termas Del Callao