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How to get on the water safely and correctly in total control?

It is said that 90% of sea kayak capsizing occurs when getting on and off the boat. Another good motivation to learn the professional technique is not to be a beginner in front of the peers.

Jacynthe Boudreau, from the company Jass Puerto Varas, will explain how to do it in a controlled way and in autonomy.

Move the kayak with your back straight and your knees straight to avoid injury.

Position it parallel to the coast in a protected place without waves.

Use your paddle as support, positioning it perpendicular just behind the cockpit.

Place one hand in the cockpit center, affirming the kayak and paddle.

The other hand, is affirming the oar of the side that the person is climbing. Only to generate balance but avoiding carrying your weight.

Maintain a low position to avoid loss of balance.

Enter a first leg, keeping the weight in the center of the kayak,

Then enter the second leg.

Make sure you are comfortable by holding your feet on the rudder pedals.

Then, it is only necessary to position the skirt and start its navigation.

In Jass Puerto Varas we are specialists in Sea Kayaking and Trekking in the south of Chile.

For more information and details, contact us at: or via phone or Whatsapp at +56 9 65906458.

You can see the video of this text in the following link:

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