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Route of parks of Patagonia

Ruta de los parques

The Route of the Parks is a conservation project of the Tompkins Conservation Foundation and the Government of Chile.

The Route includes 17 National Parks.

It is a huge territory that includes 3 regions in Chile with 2800 kilometers of protected lands from Puerto Montt to Cape Horn.

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How can I experience it?

To travel the entire Route, you should consider a minimum of 3 weeks and ideally more.

We offer guided itineraries where prices vary according to accommodation options and number of participants. We have flexibility so let us know if you want to add any details or stops during your trip.

All of our itineraries start in Puerto Montt and cover the northern part of the Route of Parks.

Quote your personalized itinerary with us

Los Alerces Itinerary
6 days Puerto Montt to Chaitén

DAY 1 :Alerce Andino National Park (PN)

Trekking trail Alerce Milenario / Laguna Triangulo, transport Hornopirén

Day 2 : Hornopirén and Pumalin Douglas Tompkins NP

Navigate the Comau fjord with the option of navigating the Quintupeu and Cahuelmó fjords.

Day 3 : Pumalin Douglas Tompkins NP

Disconnect yourself during a 4-hour navigation in the Comau fjord towards Leptepu enter Largo fjord and reach Caleta Gonzalo for the night.


DAY 4 : Pumalin Douglas Tompkins NP

Option of walks: Los Alerces Trail & City tour of Chaitén or trek volcan Chaitén.


DAY 5 : Pumalin Douglas Tompkins NP

Trekking "Ventisquero Amarillo" trail, which will take you very close to the glacier that descends from the Michinmahuida Volcano. 


DAY 6 : 

Am activities and option of flights*  from Chaitén to Puerto Montt

or Punta Arenas or end of services.

* Not included

Price with accommodation:

  • 2-3 people:                $1,545,000 Clp/pers

  • 4-6 people:                $ 1,070,000 Clp/pers

  • 7 people and more:  $   910,000 Clp/pers

Price with camping:

  • 2-3 people:               $1,150,000 Clp/pers

  • 4-6 people:               $   775,000 Clp/ person

  • 7 people and more: $   625,000 Clp/pers

Mapa Ruta de los Parques
Kayak Pumalin

 Itinerary Nort Land & Sea
6 days Puerto Montt to Chaitén


DAY 1: Vicente Perez Rosales NP -  Volcan Osorno Trekking

DAY 2: Trekking Reserve Llanquihue - Volcan Calbuco


DAY 3: Trekking Alerce Andino NP - Sector Chaica & Transfer to Hornopirén


DAY 4: Pumalin Douglas Tompkins NP

2 days of navigation to the northern fjords of Patagonia.


DAY 5: Pumalin Douglas Tompkins NP

The next day, navigation to the fjords Cahuelmo or Quintupeo. 


DAY 6: Pumalin Douglas Tompkins NP

Navigation through the Comau fjord towards Leptepu. After a short section by land, another short navigation through the Largo fjord towards Caleta Gonzalo where we will follow the Carretera Austral by land.


Price with accommodation:

  • 2-3 people:             $1,870,000 Clp / pers

  • 4-6 people:             $1,295,000 Clp / pers

  • 7 people or more:  $1,185,000 Clp / pers

Price with camping:

  • 2-3 people:             $1,420,000 Clp / pers

  • 4-6 people:             $   945,000 Clp / pers

  • 7 people or more:  $   785,000 Clp / pers


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