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  • Jacynthe Boudreau

Exploring the Cochamo Valley, Chile

Last month we went through the El Paso Del Leon international trail to get to:

¡The famous Cochamo Valley!

We walked up the Valley using an ancient Jesuit trail in the native rain forest of the Lake District of Chile. We sleep in a rustic Mountain Lodge and our guest were stunned by the 400 meter granite walls and the pristine river in the La Junta area. Great waterfalls, rock Amphitheater and incredible views of the surroundings were part of our daily diet.

If you too want to live this experience, there is a few things you have got to know before hiking up there. Plan at least 3 days in your schedule to live fully the place. It is pretty simple, one day to hike up, one day to hike down, the number of these in between that you think you need to either make a few hikes, climbs, swim in the freezing waters of la Junta river, make a fire, camp, eat, chill out, considering the weather, because you at least want to see the landscapes for a couple of minutes and take a shot with your camera before leaving.

Better be prepared for rain and a muddy trail. Gaiters should be considered, extra socks, rainproof clothes. If the forecast is very rainy, change your plans, you way have to hike through waterfalls, which is not very pleasant, and the trails may be cut in some places.

Please remember that you need to reserve your camping spot or night at a refuge in advance to go to the Valley: Otherwise they won't let you hike up and block you 7 kilometers from the Cochamó village.

You absolutely have to bring everything back, especially your rubbish.

Up there, there is no wi-fi, no cell phone network, no store, no nothing to buy. Bring all the food and gas you need with you. You can buy some stuff in Cochamó but there is no supermarket there.

Be extremely careful and aware of the danger in the toboganes, water slides on wet and very slippery granit rock. Don't try to break yourself, you may loose control. It slips a whole lot faster than you think it will, believe me. Don't climp up on the rocks, it is a one way down only.

If you are not sure about how to prepare and get all the information on the trek, you can hire our very professional services of all inclusive tour (transportation from hotel, guide, food, valuable information and advice). Book a couple of days in advance, so we have the time to set up everything for you.

Remember to enjoy nature at its best, the wild, the disconnection with civilization. Stay safe and thoughtful.


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