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  • Javi Puentes

Basic CPR

Adventure friends, today we discuss a serious issue: CPR, which stands for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

We at Jass Puerto Varas want to help you out and give you the knoledge you need in case of emergency. So we do Basic First Aid courses (1 or 2 days depending on schedule and needs).

In this courses we cover:

  • Preparation for response

  • Patient Assesment

  • Hemorrhage Control

  • Basic lesion and intoxication treatment

  • The importance of quality CPR and it's impact on survival

  • Survival chain steps

  • Signs that a person needs CPR (so you don't make mistakes and start harassing napping strangers)

  • Skills to do effective CPR on adults, children and babies (everyone needs help sometimes)

  • The importance of immediately using an Automatic External Defibrillator

  • Demonstrations on the proper use of an AED

  • Effective ventilation using a barrier unit

  • Reanimation techniques

  • Techniques to remove foreign bodies from airways in adults, children and babies

Once you complete the course we will give you a 2 year certification on Cabic First Aid with CPR and AED. Contact us for more info!

But if you cannot make it to one of our courses, or you are just very eager to get started, here is a very helpful video on the very basic technique for CPR:

Emergency numbers in Chile are: 133 (Police and general aid) and 131 (ambulance)

And remember adventure friends: Disco saves lives

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